Visiting the Beautiful Islands of Hawaii

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Maui Beach

Of all the places in the world which you can visit, Hawaii is one of most beautiful. Located in the Pacific Ocean, this US state is the only one that is entirely comprised of islands.

There are so many great islands to visit in this archipelago, and the ‘Big Island’ is, as you can tell by its name, the largest of them all. If you are interested in the volcanic connection which these islands have, this is a great place to go. Once here, you can visit the Volcanoes National Park, which highlights two of the most active volcanoes in the world.

The Hawaiian islands were created from volcanic activity, and in this park you can learn all about this process. A great day out for those who are interested in volcanic landforms.

If you want to explore other islands in the Hawaiian chain, the second largest is Maui. Some say that this is the island where you will find among the best beaches in the world, and the sunrises are spectacular.

Oahu Island

Moving down in size, the third largest island is Oahu. This is where the neighborhood of Waikiki is located, a thriving center for Hawaiian tourism. Here, you can shop, dine, take part in great activities and of course go to the beach.

The waters are generally calm here, providing an ideal place to learn how to surf. For those slightly less adventurous, there are also canoes which can you can take out on the water at a more leisurely pace.

A week on the Big Island of Hawaii

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hapuna beach

Before coming to the big island of Hawaii, you must plan your activities according to the number of days you will spend on the island. Because after coming here, it will be very difficult for you to decide which place to go on which day. Having a huge size as compared to the other Hawaiian Islands, the big island of Hawaii offers numerous fun activities and various places to discover, for which at least 1 week is required.
You must have some preliminary knowledge of the famous places those should be visited first if you have limited time at the big island of Hawaii.

Once you have arrived at your hotel at the big island of Hawaii, you should relax for sometime and after that, depending upon the weather, you can go to any of the various beaches for snorkeling, body boarding, swimming and surfing. Some of the famous beaches at the big island of Hawaii are Kahaluu Beach, Kaunaoa Beach, Hapuna Beach.

After enjoying on water activities at the beach, if you still have some time, you can visit the Kamakahonu Bay for watching the sunset. Later on at night, don’t go home without taking dinner from the Kailua-Kona.

Most visitors come to the big island of Hawaii for just on water activities, that is the reason why the beaches are always crowded and there is no privacy. No worries, you can plan your next day to explore one of the many National parks at the big island of Hawaii. Hawaii Volcanoes National Park is the one that is mostly recommended if you are interested in walking along with the lava flow. Don’t leave this park before night as you will miss the most unforgettable experience of your life. Watching the glowing red lava flowing, slowly, between the mountains looks as if, there is a red snake passing by the black mountains. Hiking and exploring the park, especially the Halemaumau crater, are other options available here.

During your stay at the big island of Hawaii, you may see or hear of Mauna Kea. This is the tallest mountain with height of approximately 13,796 feet. There is a myth by the native Hawaiian people that Mauna Kea is the home to the Hawaiian Gods. For visiting this place, you need a whole day and a four-wheel drive with guides, in order to fully enjoy this visit. You can get it all from the Mauna Kea Summit Adventures. Another attraction for which a huge number of visitors come to Mauna Kea is that this place has a large collection of world’s largest telescopes. This 8 hour adventure starts at mid-afternoon. So, you can relax in the day at your hotel and later on move towards this spot.

You must reserve a day for visiting the old town of Hilo, during your stay at the big island of Hawaii. Gardens, museums, valley and waterfalls, everything is there at the old town of Hilo. For visiting this place, you must arrive early in the morning. Make sure that you visit Gardens of Liliuokalani, World Botanical garden and the Nani Mau Gardens. The Mission House, Pacific Tsunami Museum and Lyman Museum are worth to be seen. Later on you can move forward to explore the Akaka Falls and Waipio Valley.

Visit to the big island of Hawaii is considered incomplete if you don’t carry the antiques, handicrafts and masterpieces made by the Hawaiian artists. You will find stuff of every kind at the shops in different parts of big island of Hawaii. KINGS’ SHOPS and Ka’upulehu Store at THE KOHALA COAST; Elements, Ackerman Gallery and Harbor Gallery at north kohala; Bentley’s Home & Garden Collection, Mauna Kea Galleries and Silk Road Gallery at Waimea are some of the good stores for buying various goods. In south Kona, you can visit the Kamigaki Market at the Mamalahoa Highway for taking special macadamia nuts to your home country.

The Five Best Places to Snorkel in Hawaii

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kapalua bay

Hawaii has been one of the premier destinations for vacationers for more than half a century. Just the though of America’s 50th state makes some people mentally picture tropical settings, warm and pleasant temperatures, and beautiful scenery. People travel to Hawaii with the idea that they will be doing a great deal of things while on the islands. Some of these things are more active like hiking and diving, while other things are more relaxing like sunbathing and taking advantage of the many things that the various spas and resorts have to offer. One of the most popular activities on the though islands is snorkeling.

Snorkeling is popular with tourists coming to Hawaii for a number of reasons. As beautiful as the islands are, there is so much more beauty waiting to be seen below the surface of the water. Snorkeling allows a traveler to leisurely observe and explore areas of marine life without having to learn or deal with the complicated equipment associated with scuba diving. Snorkeling is also an activity that can be performed by nearly everyone regardless of their age because it is all about learning a technique. The marine life that can be viewed while snorkeling through some of the areas around Hawaii is an amazing thing to see. Here are the five best places to go snorkeling at in Hawaii.

Hanauma Bay

Located on the island of Oahu, Hanauma Bay has been popular with snorkelers for decades. The one negative about this diving location is that it has become so popular of late that there are sometimes more than enough snorkelers there to make it somewhat crowded. The bay area is gorgeous above water with gentle sloping vegetation covered ground turning into white sand and then the crystal blue waters of the bay itself. Fish are common in the bay, even up near the shoreline, but the many examples of marine life down along the reefs and rocks are amazing.

Molokini Crater

One of the most unique snorkeling locations in Hawaii is the Molokini Crater. This small island is located just three miles off the coast of Maui. The semi-circle shaped island is the remnants of what was once a volcanic crater. Today it is one of the best places to see some hard to find marine life, there are even several species of fish that are not known to live anywhere else. The memory of swimming into and around a sunken volcanic crater is something that many people who take the opportunity to do it will never forget.

Kahaluu Beach Park

Located on the big island of Hawaii, Kahaluu Beach Park is another of the more popular snorkeling locations on the islands. The beach is large enough to host a great deal of people at once and the waters are generally calm and filled with marine life. All kinds of undersea creatures can be viewed at Kahaluu Beach Park, everything from small shellfish, to a number of species of fish, and even sea turtles and other larger creatures.

Kapalua Bay

Kapalua Bay is one of the most recommended snorkeling locations for those going for their first time. The bay is located on the island of Maui and is popular with locals and tourists alike. The waters are extremely calm and protected from the pounding surf and marine life there is abundant. Those that are new to snorkeling will appreciate the lack of water obstructions as they learn to snorkel and become at ease in the water. The sandy beaches and natural surroundings of the area are also very pleasing for before and after the actual snorkeling, or by those who are not participating.

Kealakekua Bay

Another of the top snorkeling spots on the big island of Hawaii is Kealakekua Bay. This smaller bay provides one of the best opportunities to see some of the more rare underwater sights like sea turtles and dolphins. The area is open to snorkelers but is actually part of a protected underwater marine sanctuary. The scenery from the water or the land is simply beautiful in this truly special part of the Hawaiian Islands.

There are a number of popular activities to do in Hawaii, everything from swimming and diving to hiking and sports. There are even ways to enjoy the water aboard various kinds of watercraft including chartered fishing vessels, whale watching ships, kayaks, jet skis, and boats. One of the top ways to enjoy the water around Hawaii though is through snorkeling. This is one of the few ways that all the wonders of the undersea world can be experienced by those that are visiting the area. Snorkeling in Hawaii is great, but finding the right places to do it can have a huge impact on how successful the excursion is.

10 Fun Facts about Hawaii

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Kona Coffee

Hawaii has long captured the imagination of travelers not just from the United States, but also from Japan and other countries around the world.  The islands have a long history dating back to its earliest native settlers and up through a number of important historical events including being the site of the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor.  The islands are one of the most traveled to destinations by vacationers from everywhere and to this day offer some of the best accommodations, restaurants, and tourist attractions.

Those coming to Hawaii for the first time may not know a great deal about all that it has to offer.  Most of the pertinent information can be found online or in the many great vacation travel guides.  Here though is a look at ten fun facts about America’s 50th state, Hawaii.

  1. The first Japanese prisoner of war captured by the USA during World War II was Kazuo Sakamaki.  He was captured on Waimanalo Beach on December 7, 1941 during the attack on Pearl Harbor.
  2. Hawaii is the only state in the entire United States that grows coffee.
  3. Most people would not think it, but because of some of the distant smaller islands that are part of the state of Hawaii, it is the widest state in the United States.
  4. Hawaii is the only state in the United States that does not have a state patrol.
  5. Counting the height that is accumulated underwater, the Hawaiian Islands are the tops of the largest mountain range in the entire world.
  6. The official Hawaiian State Gem is black coral.  Black coral only grows in the ocean at depths greater than one hundred feet.
  7. Hawaii has a long history as a state and before that a territory of the United States.  The islands also had a lengthy history as a kingdom with an established royal family.  Often forgotten is the five years, 1894 to 1898, that Hawaii spent as an independent republic before being annexed into the United States.
  8. Hawaii is home to Iolani Palace, this is the only royal palace found within the borders of the United States of America.
  9. Hawaii is one of two states in the United States that doesn’t observe Daylight Savings Time, the other is Arizona.
  10. More macadamia nuts and orchids are harvested on the big island of Hawaii than anywhere else in the entire world.

While Hawaii is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world, there is also much more to Hawaii than just beaches and surfing.  The island is home to a thriving nightlife, a tremendous agricultural industry, and friendly and helpful residents.  Hawaii remains to this day the dream vacation site for many Americans and will not be losing that status anytime soon.  A trip to Hawaii, no matter what the reason, is a great idea and something that everyone should look into doing at least once in their life.

Five Family Friendly Things To Do On Oahu

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Kualoa Ranch

When it comes to classic vacation destinations, few places can compete with Hawaii. Many people grow up or spend their entire lives dreaming of a Hawaiian vacation. To these people, Hawaii is seen as one of the ultimate places to go to participate in a number of activities all in a warm and tropical location. The visual beauty of Hawaii is also another large reason that many people choose to head there for their much anticipated family vacations. The island of Oahu is a fabulous Hawaiian location to choose as a destination. A number of the areas and activities on the islands though are geared towards adults, both in the area of recreation as well as in the area of romance. Here is a look at five family friendly things to do on the Hawaiian island of Oahu.

Atlantis Submarine Tour

One of the best ways to get a look at all there is to enjoy underneath the surface of the water when on Oahu is to check out the Atlantis Submarine Tour. The tours include being ferried out to where the waiting submarines rest, boarding the submarine and undergoing the initial pressurization process, and then the actual dive and undersea tour. Among the many things seen out the portals during this submarine adventure are sunken ships, coral and man made reefs, and even the remains of a sunken commercial airliner. All that and also a great look at the undersea creatures that surround the island including fish, sea turtles, and even sharks.

USS Missouri Tour

The USS Missouri was built during World War II and went on to play an important role during the final days of the war. In fact, on board this ship was where the Empire of Japan surrendered to end the war. The ship went on to see action in the Korean War and the Persian Gulf War before being decommissioned for good in 1995. The ship was later donated to the USS Missouri Memorial Association and today is a museum ship in Pearl Harbor, Hawaii. The ship is currently docked just five hundred yards from the more famous USS Arizona Memorial. Actual military veterans who have seen action in the nation’s conflicts serve as the tour guides aboard the USS Missouri. This is a rare opportunity for visitors to get a chance to set foot on an actual United States naval destroyer. This attraction is popular with both those interested in history and those who are not.

Honolulu Zoo

One of the most popular stops for families with small children visiting Oahu is the Honolulu Zoo. The zoo features more than 1,200 animals, all separated into distinct habitats designed to give the appearance and feel of what their natural surroundings would be. The maze of paths through the zoo lead visitors past many animals including gazelle, lemur, monkey, rhino, cheetah, bats, tigers, orangutans, mongoose, snakes, horned frogs, iguanas, skinks, tortoises, and more. A trip to the Honolulu Zoo is a great way change of pace to the beaches and water that are also welcome attractions on the islands.

Sea Life Park

While one would think that with the ocean surrounding the island of Oahu that it is easy to just go for a swim and see a great deal of marine life, this is not always the case. The best place on the island to visit to be guaranteed a chance at seeing all of the marine life possible is Sea Life Park. The park offers a number of signature activities including the Dolphin Royal Swim, Dolphin Encounter, and Sea Lion Discovery. The park is not only home to regularly schedule marine life shows, but also wonderful opportunities to interact with animals like dolphins and sea lions on a one-on-one basis. Kids especially love a visit to Sea Life Park and it often turns out to be their favorite part of a Hawaiian vacation.

Kualoa Ranch

The Kualoa Ranch is located very near to the famous and historic Ka’a’awa Valley. The natural scenery here is gorgeous and there are a number of great photographic opportunities. This area of Oahu is only available to those that purchase a special permit and those that sign up for tours that are offered by the ranch itself. Visitors wishing to see some of the best and most naturally untouched land in Hawaii can tour the valley by bus, horseback, or ATV. The Kualoa Ranch is not the first stop on most people’s itineraries, but it is indeed one of the best places to take a family in Oahu.

While many of the attractions and activities found in Hawaii, and more specifically on the island of Oahu, are aimed at interesting and attracting adult travelers, there are also some great attractions with features that are geared right towards children. These types of attractions truly make the island of Oahu special because they provide a wonderful opportunity for the entire family to be entertained and still remain together. One of the best bonding experiences that can be had by a family is spending quality time together at family friendly attractions. The act of everyone enjoying their time together has a great way of bringing families closer. Oahu is loaded with family friendly attractions, a traveler to the island just needs to know where to look.

Best Hawaiian Spas

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Hawaii Spa

Spending your time in spas at the Hawaiian Islands has never been cheaper. Especially, if you are looking to have massage, then, you should be ready to spend $150 to $300 depending upon the time and type of massage. There are large numbers of diverse treatments available for massage. Head massage, Thai oil massage, Hawaiian as well as Swedish massages, are some of the many options available. What the newly married couples would like to have is the side-by-side massage.

Rather than keeping yourself busy in enjoying the on-water activities like surfing, snorkeling, and swimming during your whole stay at the Hawaii Islands, you can also try the relaxing spas those are out there in the Hawaiian Islands. Especially, Oahu and Maui have numerous spas those are equipped with latest equipment and trained staffs that are there to offer all kind of services those are required for a perfect spa.

You will find a number of spas in Oahu, where the art of relaxation has been brought to a very high level. One of those can be found at the Halekulani Hotel spa. You can have the heavenly experience of the spectacular environment with the famous foot massage. Specialty of this spa is the Nonu massage that is done with the help of stones and is a completely different experience. There is another spa in Oahu at Kahala known for its deep soaking tubs for massaging the body. Other facilities include private changing corners and relaxing areas where you can take your time to relax after being massaged.

One of the biggest spas in Oahu, spanning an area of 35000 square foot, is Ihilani spa. It is an ideal location if you are looking for a complete relaxing spa where you will be treated with the latest traditional ways of massaging. You can also take part in the stretching fitness classes those are organized regularly. Another attraction in this spa is that you can play tennis at any of the three courts which need to be booked before, if you are willing to play tennis.

When talking of spas at the big Island, the Kohala Spa is the place where the visitors can enjoy excellent spa facilities along with other adventure activities. Although the spa is very old but, once you enter it, you will have the unforgettable spa experience of your life in terms of great hospitality and services. The major attraction at this spa is the lava whirlpool where visitors never want to get out of it.

In Maui, you will find the biggest spa of Hawaii, where you can choose the bath of your own choice, Roman; Greek or Japanese; it is all your choice that in which bath you will be taking treatments. Covering a huge area of nearly fifty thousand feet, you can find this spa at the Grand Wailea Resort Hotel. There is a fitness center there as well which is considered to be of top quality.

Aside from these spas, there are some other small and luxurious relaxation spots in Maui which are located in Four Seasons Resort, Hyatt Regency and Kea Lani. There are rooms for singles as well as couples where relaxing treatments are provided in special treatment rooms where calm and peaceful environment. Then, there are some local Hawaiians who say,”don’t miss the lave rock showers and massage called the two handed massage when you are at the Grand Hyatt Spa”.

Hawaii Statehood

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hawaii statehoodIn 1959 on August 21st Hawaii was inducted as the 50th state and includes all of the Hawaiian Islands as well as the over two thousand miles of volcanoes which are located throughout the entire Hawaiian Island chain. These rocky islands are among the fifteen hundred smaller islands which are located through the state of Hawaii. Although there are only seven of these islands which are widely recognized, these islands are often explored and discovered by those that are visiting the area.

The various islands which are most popularly recognized when spoken about include Hawaii’s big island, Maui, Oahu, Lanai, and Kauai. Although there are more than one thousand other islands, these islands are widely popular and encompass exciting vacation adventures and tourist attractions

The capital of Hawaii is located on the big island of Hawaii, located on the popular of Oahu and is also one of the most popular vacation destinations that can be seen through the entire Hawaiian Islands. The capital is one of the largest locations and full of history. Upon the time that the statehood was announced, Hawaii’s capital was also created.

Hawaii has a long history of trying to become a state, but remained a territory for more than six years! Finally, in 1959 it was inducted as a state and became part of America. Although not attached to the country directly, it falls under the same category as Alaska when it comes to location and destination.

There are over one million people who live in the state of Hawaii, according to one of the most recent census counts. These million inhabitants are mostly concentrated on the big island, one of the largest islands and most populated areas of the state.

With the influence of the Polynesian culture that can be seen throughout the islands and the location within the Polynesian archipelago of the Pacific Ocean. Although Hawaii is a part of the United States, a vacation to the Hawaiian Islands feels more like an exotic destination with the lush wildlife and species of land and marine life. Therefore, a visit to the island allows the traveler to experience an exotic destination with little in the way of travel, after all, a flight to the island can take as little as four to five hours from most destinations. While visiting the island, the traveler can learn all about the culture, history and statehood of Hawaii.

Celebrations are set to occur in 2009, which will mark the fiftieth year in which the statehood of Hawaii has been celebrated. This can educate the people that live within the state about the process that Hawaii has seen to become a state and what exactly this means for the Hawaiian Islands. The celebrations will outline the importance of culture on the island and there are elaborate festivals which can demonstrate this culture to visitors. A visit to the state of Hawaii through this time can yield important information regarding the state of the Hawaiian Islands and just how this fiftieth addition to the United States came to be.

Famous People from Hawaii

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famous people from Hawaii

There are many famous people that have originated from the beautiful Islands of Hawaii. From celebrities to the President, Hawaii has brought light to famous people in a variety of settings. Are you wondering about some of the famous people from Hawaii? Perhaps about the most famous people that have come from the area? Here is a list of the most famous people that have come from the great Hawaiian Islands:

Barack Obama was born in Hawaii on the 4th of August 1961 in Honolulu, Hawaii and is currently serving as the president of the United States. After taking the nation by storm with his measures and intentions of change for the United States of America he has celebrated his presidential win and has brought new hope to the state of government in America. Barack celebrates his Hawaiian heritage widely and can be seen visiting various areas of the Hawaiian Islands. Apparently, Barack Obama is one of the most famous people from Hawaii and will go down as history as being so.

Nicole Kidman was born in Hawaii, although most people mistake her for being Australian. It is true that her parents are indeed Australian, but she was born in Hawaii and as one of the most popular Hollywood actresses, she has taken the nation by storm as one of the highest paid actresses of all time. She was born in Hawaii in 1967 and carries not only the citizenship from Hawaii, but also from Australia as her parents are Australian citizens.

Tia Carrere is a famous actress and singer that was born in Honolulu but is a combination of Chinese/Spanish and Philippine, rather than traditional Hawaiian. She has become famous for her roles in movies such as Wayne’s World and other various films. She is an exotic looking actress, making her extremely popular with many men. Since this time in her debut in a main role in 1992 on the set of Wayne’s world she has become the fantasy of many men as she continues to appear in a variety of movies and feature films.

Bette Midler is a famous singer, movie actress and Broadway actress that was born in Hawaii. Her initial rise to fame came with an album that was released in the 1970s which led to a myriad of movie roles and Broadway roles which have helped her climb the charts as well as climbing the classics which contributed to her fame.

Although Don Ho is more so known throughout Hawaii than through other various states, he has been known as one of the most famous Hawaiians through his entertaining shows which were infamous through the Hawaiian Islands. He was born in a small neighborhood in Honolulu and interacts and entertains audiences throughout the globe and visitors to the Islands. He has become a classic Hawaiian entertainer who will go down in history as one of the funniest, one of the greatest entertainers in time.

Hawaii State Song

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hawaii state song

The Hawaiian state song “Hawaii Pono’I” was declared more than forty years ago in 1967. Although the song was developed years before, it finally became honored as the official song of Hawaii. Nearly every state has an official song, but Hawaii has an official song that comes with a high level of culture and history that can be seen through the values of the Hawaiian culture.

It demonstrates the unification that should occur throughout the islands, as they are separated but should use the same values to accomplish goals, together. The state song uses the demonstration that everyone who lives in Hawaii is a son of the islands and therefore this common element can bring everyone together.

Children are taught the state song and adults are aware of the song, as it can be seen through a variety of mediums. The state song can be seen in schools and on many crests as well as the song being a part of multiple ceremonies which can be seen throughout the years. The children learn the song in school and it is included in multiple school ceremonies, as well as being included in state events, even football games through the football season!

What are the origins of the Hawaii state song? The origin of the song lies more than one hundred years before it was made the official state song of Hawaii. The creation came about in 1876 by the king of that time King Kalakaua to honor the prior King Kamehameha. King Kalakaua had written the song in the honor of the previous king and therefore it comes with a rich and abundant history.

From 1876 to 1893 the song that is now the state song was used as the national anthem until 1967 when the song was finally adapted as the state song. The national anthem lead to the adaptation after the people and officials in Hawaii realized that the message from the song was compatible with the overall values which are represented through the people in Hawaii.

What are the lyrics of the Hawaii State Song?

“Hawaii’s own true sons,
Be loyal to your chief Your country’s liege and lord,
The King Father above us all,
Kamehameha, Who guarded in the war with his spear”

The native Hawaiian version of the song is:

Hawaii ponoi Nana i kou, moi
Kalani Alii, ke Alii.
Makua lani e Kamehameha e
Na kaua e pale Me ka ihe.

The state song is popular and therefore most people know the song word for word. The majority of children in modern educational systems learn the English version of the song, while also learning the cultural aspects of the Hawaiian versions of the song. Through various state and cultural events, the traditional Hawaiian version of the state song is sung by patrons.

As the song speaks about being loyal to the chief, which may seem like an archaic tradition, it speaks of developing a unity between the people of a country and the people of the country following the leadership that is present within that country.

Hawaii State Motto

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hawaii state motto

Ua Mau Ke Ea O Ka Aina I Ka Pono

State mottos are used to embody the theme and the theories which are demonstrated in the people living in the state. It has been compared to a state of mind and also to the general feeling and belief of the morals of the people that reside in the state. The motto was implemented in 1959 but has origins leading back to the 1800s when Hawaii was known as a Kingdom.

The state motto literally translates into, “the life of the land is perpetuated in righteousness”. What is the meaning of the motto? The motto means that the life within the land as well as the people within the land is determined by the right acting ways of the people within the state and the dependence of the people within the state to do the right thing. Acting right within your life, and for the state can be an effective means of summing up the motto.

Historically, the motto was first spoken and thought to reflect the beliefs of the kingdom. It was first spoken by the King of Hawaii at this time, King Kamehameha. These words have been used since this point as the motto of the state of Hawaii and all of the people that reside within the state. These words were used in a famous address from the King and from this day have been used as the official state motto of Hawaii.

Prior to the words being used as the state motto of the Hawaiian Island the words were located on flags and seals, which prompted the adaptation of the words as the state motto of Hawaii. Some of the most popular mottos come with history, which demonstrates the importance of the words being used on a regular basis to ensure they are compatible with the thoughts and values that come along with the state.

What was the origin of the Hawaiian state motto? The origin of the motto comes from the King Kamehameha who spoke the words in the early 1800s at which time he presided over what was known as the Kingdom of Hawaii. The motto has been used for more than two hundred years through the state of Hawaii on seals, gates and various destinations through the Hawaiian Islands.

The motto is used today on the state seal and can be seen on a variety of historical documents. This historical aspect of the motto can establish the history that has been created within the state. These documents are common today and therefore the motto can be found through multiple areas of the political and state documents.

Every state needs a motto but Hawaii uses a motto that is one of the most relevant to the feeling and the ambience of the people that are living in Hawaii and experiencing the wonderful features of the island and natures.

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