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hawaii state motto

Ua Mau Ke Ea O Ka Aina I Ka Pono

State mottos are used to embody the theme and the theories which are demonstrated in the people living in the state. It has been compared to a state of mind and also to the general feeling and belief of the morals of the people that reside in the state. The motto was implemented in 1959 but has origins leading back to the 1800s when Hawaii was known as a Kingdom.

The state motto literally translates into, “the life of the land is perpetuated in righteousness”. What is the meaning of the motto? The motto means that the life within the land as well as the people within the land is determined by the right acting ways of the people within the state and the dependence of the people within the state to do the right thing. Acting right within your life, and for the state can be an effective means of summing up the motto.

Historically, the motto was first spoken and thought to reflect the beliefs of the kingdom. It was first spoken by the King of Hawaii at this time, King Kamehameha. These words have been used since this point as the motto of the state of Hawaii and all of the people that reside within the state. These words were used in a famous address from the King and from this day have been used as the official state motto of Hawaii.

Prior to the words being used as the state motto of the Hawaiian Island the words were located on flags and seals, which prompted the adaptation of the words as the state motto of Hawaii. Some of the most popular mottos come with history, which demonstrates the importance of the words being used on a regular basis to ensure they are compatible with the thoughts and values that come along with the state.

What was the origin of the Hawaiian state motto? The origin of the motto comes from the King Kamehameha who spoke the words in the early 1800s at which time he presided over what was known as the Kingdom of Hawaii. The motto has been used for more than two hundred years through the state of Hawaii on seals, gates and various destinations through the Hawaiian Islands.

The motto is used today on the state seal and can be seen on a variety of historical documents. This historical aspect of the motto can establish the history that has been created within the state. These documents are common today and therefore the motto can be found through multiple areas of the political and state documents.

Every state needs a motto but Hawaii uses a motto that is one of the most relevant to the feeling and the ambience of the people that are living in Hawaii and experiencing the wonderful features of the island and natures.


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