Famous People from Hawaii

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famous people from Hawaii

There are many famous people that have originated from the beautiful Islands of Hawaii. From celebrities to the President, Hawaii has brought light to famous people in a variety of settings. Are you wondering about some of the famous people from Hawaii? Perhaps about the most famous people that have come from the area? Here is a list of the most famous people that have come from the great Hawaiian Islands:

Barack Obama was born in Hawaii on the 4th of August 1961 in Honolulu, Hawaii and is currently serving as the president of the United States. After taking the nation by storm with his measures and intentions of change for the United States of America he has celebrated his presidential win and has brought new hope to the state of government in America. Barack celebrates his Hawaiian heritage widely and can be seen visiting various areas of the Hawaiian Islands. Apparently, Barack Obama is one of the most famous people from Hawaii and will go down as history as being so.

Nicole Kidman was born in Hawaii, although most people mistake her for being Australian. It is true that her parents are indeed Australian, but she was born in Hawaii and as one of the most popular Hollywood actresses, she has taken the nation by storm as one of the highest paid actresses of all time. She was born in Hawaii in 1967 and carries not only the citizenship from Hawaii, but also from Australia as her parents are Australian citizens.

Tia Carrere is a famous actress and singer that was born in Honolulu but is a combination of Chinese/Spanish and Philippine, rather than traditional Hawaiian. She has become famous for her roles in movies such as Wayne’s World and other various films. She is an exotic looking actress, making her extremely popular with many men. Since this time in her debut in a main role in 1992 on the set of Wayne’s world she has become the fantasy of many men as she continues to appear in a variety of movies and feature films.

Bette Midler is a famous singer, movie actress and Broadway actress that was born in Hawaii. Her initial rise to fame came with an album that was released in the 1970s which led to a myriad of movie roles and Broadway roles which have helped her climb the charts as well as climbing the classics which contributed to her fame.

Although Don Ho is more so known throughout Hawaii than through other various states, he has been known as one of the most famous Hawaiians through his entertaining shows which were infamous through the Hawaiian Islands. He was born in a small neighborhood in Honolulu and interacts and entertains audiences throughout the globe and visitors to the Islands. He has become a classic Hawaiian entertainer who will go down in history as one of the funniest, one of the greatest entertainers in time.