Hawaii Statehood

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hawaii statehoodIn 1959 on August 21st Hawaii was inducted as the 50th state and includes all of the Hawaiian Islands as well as the over two thousand miles of volcanoes which are located throughout the entire Hawaiian Island chain. These rocky islands are among the fifteen hundred smaller islands which are located through the state of Hawaii. Although there are only seven of these islands which are widely recognized, these islands are often explored and discovered by those that are visiting the area.

The various islands which are most popularly recognized when spoken about include Hawaii’s big island, Maui, Oahu, Lanai, and Kauai. Although there are more than one thousand other islands, these islands are widely popular and encompass exciting vacation adventures and tourist attractions

The capital of Hawaii is located on the big island of Hawaii, located on the popular of Oahu and is also one of the most popular vacation destinations that can be seen through the entire Hawaiian Islands. The capital is one of the largest locations and full of history. Upon the time that the statehood was announced, Hawaii’s capital was also created.

Hawaii has a long history of trying to become a state, but remained a territory for more than six years! Finally, in 1959 it was inducted as a state and became part of America. Although not attached to the country directly, it falls under the same category as Alaska when it comes to location and destination.

There are over one million people who live in the state of Hawaii, according to one of the most recent census counts. These million inhabitants are mostly concentrated on the big island, one of the largest islands and most populated areas of the state.

With the influence of the Polynesian culture that can be seen throughout the islands and the location within the Polynesian archipelago of the Pacific Ocean. Although Hawaii is a part of the United States, a vacation to the Hawaiian Islands feels more like an exotic destination with the lush wildlife and species of land and marine life. Therefore, a visit to the island allows the traveler to experience an exotic destination with little in the way of travel, after all, a flight to the island can take as little as four to five hours from most destinations. While visiting the island, the traveler can learn all about the culture, history and statehood of Hawaii.

Celebrations are set to occur in 2009, which will mark the fiftieth year in which the statehood of Hawaii has been celebrated. This can educate the people that live within the state about the process that Hawaii has seen to become a state and what exactly this means for the Hawaiian Islands. The celebrations will outline the importance of culture on the island and there are elaborate festivals which can demonstrate this culture to visitors. A visit to the state of Hawaii through this time can yield important information regarding the state of the Hawaiian Islands and just how this fiftieth addition to the United States came to be.